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What people are saying about therapists at Rising Strength Therapy

“Teresa is all about YOU. She is so receptive, understanding, validating, intelligent, and encouraging. I have never been helped so much by another person.”

"I definitely have more tools in my toolbox for how to manage my anxiety, ADHD and PTSD symptoms. My inner voice/the rational part of my brain that challenged unrealistic thoughts started to become stronger. I appreciated the willingness to explain certain therapy types and other concepts in depth, and to give me lots of options for things to try."

"Teresa is kind, empathic, and understanding. She does a wonderful job at creating a safe space, emotionally and physically, for her clients. Teresa's therapy background gives her the advantage to help individuals from many different struggles and situations. She is a fantastic therapist. I highly recommend her!"

"Working with Elliot has been my #1 progress in helping my mental health. I haven't had success with other therapists because I did not feel I was receiving "medical" treatment in a "scientific" way, you could say. But from the first day, I felt Elliot was qualified to help me in a very concrete way which helped me to feel hopeful and determined."

“Teresa is an amazing woman who helps you realize your potential and self-worth. She is truly amazing.”

"It doesn't matter how physically strong you are, the body follows the mind. Your mind can send you spiraling if you don't keep it in check. Don't hold yourself back from asking for help based on society or the appearance of others."

"Teresa is the best! She really cares about you, and she is great at seeing the whole picture of things. I’d recommend her to anybody!

"Elliot is an amazing listener. I feel he connects and understands what I am saying and makes me feel secure and unjudged. His methods were planned, thoughtful and thought provoking. I have learned more about myself listening to Elliot than any one else. Anyone lucky enough to work with Elliot is in good hands."

"Teresa worked with me to my comfort level to address the problems I was having. She also pushed me to challenge myself. If you do the work, try, and believe, this will work for you. But you have to put in the work."

"I never felt like I would ever be able to experience life in the positive light I see so many others do. I never felt like I would be able to have a stable, trusting relationship with myself or with others. I felt like I had tried all methods to control my anxiety but would always end up in a paralytic spiral at least once a month. I had essentially lost hope in living. I cannot emphasize enough what CPT has given back to me. I love myself; I love discovering new hobbies, I appreciate relationships more than ever & have a sincere desire to get to know others. I feel safe growing relationships & investing in them. I can go to public places & enjoy them without feeling like I need to look over my shoulder every 5 seconds. The best way I can put it is I felt like I had been living my life wearing 2 different faces-the one I showed to everyone and the one I hid that carried so much pain it prevented me from becoming the one I wanted to be. Now I feel like 1 person, standing in the light & breathing for the first time. And having the tools to deal with any rising symptoms of my trauma has helped me feel in control of it instead of being controlled by it. I wish I had done this years ago."


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